Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dissertation Results Chapter

The result dissertation chapter is an essential element of any dissertation research. The specialized at information Solutions have assisted thousands of doctoral and master’s candidates with their dissertation results chapter.

The results chapter of your dissertation is one of the most important components of your study, where the accurate statistical analysis must be performed, assumptions examined, and findings reported and clearly explained. Once you conduct your analyses, you have to present your results in a way that shows clear support or non-support of your hypotheses. Statistical expertise is needed to effectively present the results and defend your findings.

Statistics Solutions can assist you with your results of dissertation chapter in the following ways:

· Enter code and clean data: The first step in creating a results chapter is to import your data from Excel to SPSS. (We also use stat-transfer if the data is in another form). Once the data is in SPSS, the variables must be labeled and the levels of the variables assigned (e.g., male=1, female=2). The data cleaning typically entails screening the variables for both university and multivariate outliers, normality, addressing missing values, and assessing for linearity.

· Statistical analysis: The actual analysis takes many forms. Most, if not all, dissertation results chapters include descriptive statistics of the demographic variables (means, standard deviation, frequencies and percentages), as well as the reliabilities of any composite scores. The analyses should then be focused on addressing the research hypotheses by assessing, addressing and reporting of the assumptions of the particular analysis, and then the conducting and reporting of the relevant statistical output in the results of dissertation chapter.


In the middle of all dissertation chapters the center in a dissertation is the tactic chapter. You have to observe what methods are present and make a decision a positive line of attack amongst them for your research. Then you have to ensure the usefulness of that process before together with it into your dissertation chapter.

You have to ensure if a convinced methodology is good sufficient to obtain the consequences that you are looking to obtain. The description of the methods and examination takes the lion’s distribute in the main body. Forever create certain that you have confirmed all the details about the sources for gather the information and facts of Dissertation Chapter.


Finale is as significant as other dissertation chapters. The essential idea for a dissertation finale chapter is to give the reader with the consequences of the research and a outline of all the key answer. Inform every one your results in feature and don’t presently deliberate on one point ignoring others. Emphasize the significance of your work and what differentiation it can make. Make available the person who reads with all the answers to the questions you had raised in the introduction dissertation chapter.

For eternity provide the reader impressive to think about when he walks out from your dissertation chapter so that you create dissimilarity to his consideration procedure. By no means lounge concerning any findings in any fraction of your dissertation chapter, particularly in the closing dissertation chapter. Don’t pose any conclusion one of your possess when it belongs to someone also.

A correctly set and prearranged dissertation chapter with no any ground contravention research is improved than a disorganized dissertation about rocket science. As a consequence for all time pay concentration to all dissertation chapters.